Thursday, March 17, 2011

Travels: The Art and Architecture of Bali

Entry gate with overhead decorated beam. A less typical type of gateway seen on the way to Ubud

The archetype entry gateway to a house, without overhead beam. This type of design is the most characteristic of Balinese gateways commonly found in homes and temples throughout Bali

Typical temple complex near Ubud
Temple structures, Ubud
View from the Mercure hotel, Kuta Beach

Stone work roadside work shop

Temple near Ubud

Crafts shop by the roadside on the way to Ubud

Beach decorations at Jimbaran Bay

These photographs were taken during my recent trip to Bali (11th to 13th March 2011). From the seafood restaurants and beach decorations at Jimbaran Bay, the crafts and sculptures of Ubud, the typical roadside houses, The Mercure Hotel (where I stayed), Hard Rock Cafe and the shopping areas in Kuta, Art and Architecture is a way of life in Bali. These exist everywhere and anywhere even in the smallest of structures and the most ordinary of families.

The religion of the Balinese people is Hinduism. The average Balinese is very religious in nature and this quality is apparent in their everyday activities and their structures, homes or market places. Temples are everywhere within a very short distance of one another. Tourism is the most important source of income and the entire country's socio economic activities are geared towards fulfilling the needs of tourists coming in from all over the world daily.

The photographs are of ordinary or of typical scenes or moments, as to capture the essence of everyday life in Bali. I've posted over 100 photographs on Jafri Merican Architect's Facebook page.

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