Thursday, March 17, 2011

CV: Commercial Development for Felcra Berhad

The proposal for a multi storey commercial development in Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur comprise two towers, a 40 storey office building strategically poised at the junction of Jalan Semarak and Jalan Perumahan Gurney, and a 34 storey service apartment tower positioned diagonally opposite, set a distance behind allowing for a podium block to straddle the main street frontage.

The design concept features a spiral form for both towers as a formal metaphor symbolizing traditional textile based Malay ornaments and crafts such as tengkolok and selendang normally folded in a spiraling manner to give its cloth material a structural quality, thus enabling a bold form to be sculpted from its pliable and collapsible fabric.

Functionally, the proposed development is designed based on green building principles, the towers having double skin facades that reduce heat gain while allowing for maximum daylighting; the podium being raised to allow car parks at ground level, a strategy to reduce export of earth; and the provision of green roofs that will contribute towards addressing the effect of urban heat phenomena in the city centre.

Above all, the proposed architectural form aims to create a landmark effect in the city for Felcra Berhad to gain an opportunity at rebranding their corporate image, having an architecturally significant headquarters building as a centerpiece for acquiring global media attention.

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