Thursday, March 17, 2011

CV: About Us

The firm was founded by Jafri Merican in 1996 and has grown steadily to become an established medium scale office with a reputation for sensitive and cost effective designs. In recent years, our firm's reputation has been built on its projects for government offices in Putrajaya; but throughout its formative years till now, our office has had a growing portfolio of residential, institutional and commercial projects, ranging from individual homes, residential housing development projects, sales and site offices, commercial office lots, primary and secondary schools and various other medium to large scale buildings.

Our work is characterized by careful development of the brief to meet the client's needs and budget; meticulously crafted design solutions, which are innovative and responsive to their context; attention to details, especially when preparing construction drawings and architectural scale drawings; and our management style that aims to garner the cooperation of various parties involved to achieve effective delivery of projects to time and budget.

We continually derive inspiration from our ongoing studies in contemporary and traditional culture, our history, the complex changing relationships within our society and the development of contemporary ideas and philosophies. Our work process is transformative in the way it reinterprets traditional and cultural symbols into functional forms designed to fulfill basic building programs; and negotiates traditional aesthetics with contemporary and modern expressions derived from the ever changing, continuously progressive methods and materials by which buildings are built. These often conflicting metaphors, separated by time and culture, when synthesized into a common symbolic denominator, may form contemporary, even timeless, architectural solutions, the desired result which our firm strives to achieve in all of our projects from the initial concept to their final realization.

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