Thursday, March 17, 2011

CV: Development on lot 3C10 and 3C11, Putrajaya

This design proposal for commercial lots in Precinct 3, Putrajaya featured 2 main elements. A glass façade, with sunshading devices that form wave like patterns, and corner shear walls of the service cores. We developed the wave concept to provide the scheme with design elements that give some form of dynamic effect and movement, whereby the facade changes whenever the traveller moves within the pedestrian mall. We felt that the wave metaphor is relevant because of the site being located in the Core Island. No building in the boulevard had addressed the symbolic relationship with the water elements so by adopting this approach we hoped to create a unique scheme.

The two lots are separated by a pedestrian mall leading to the Boulevard.This separation is due to an LRT tunnel route that traverses the site leaving 2 triangular shaped parcels with separate basements. We oriented the grid to face the longer boundaries at the separations to make the basement design more effective. As for UDG we provided the low rise streetwalls and punctuation zones facing the boulevard and the height tallies with POJ and 4G3 facades.

The shear walls of grey concrete finish with bas reliefs of exotic patterns is a homage to post merdeka Malaysian architecture of the early 60s period but rendered in a more contemporary way.

The competition winner was Broadway Malyan. Pakatan Reka Architects Sdn Bhd was appointed as local architects. Recently, Sacha and Tan architects, one of the participants, presented their scheme in the Venice Biennalle architectural exhibition.

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