Monday, March 21, 2011

4G9 Tower: Progress as at 21/3/2011

View of 4G7, 4G8, 4G9, 4G10 and 4G11 from Maritime Centre, Precinct 5, Putrajaya.

4G9 Tower from Maritime Centre. Painting work yet to be carried out on newly installed precast walls where tower crane supports used to be.

View of the towers from Precinct 5.

View from across Dataran Gemilang.

Close up of the roof enclosure.

View from Precinct 19, Putrajaya.

Photographs showing construction progress as at 21/3/2011. Derrick cranes at roof level have been dismantled to enable work on remaining sections of the roof skylight structure to proceed towards completion. Painting works on exterior walls are in progress with final coat yet to be applied. Interior finishes are being installed at ground floor main reception lobby and at lower ground floor multi purpose hall. External works are in progress.

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