Thursday, March 17, 2011

CV: Block 10, UiTM Resort, Shah Alam.

The UiTM Resort in Section 6, Shah Alam was built as a private low rise condominium development in the early 80’s. Upon its purchase by UiTM, the entire development was converted into an accommodation facility, catering mainly for post graduate and foreign students. Complemented by supporting facilities consisting of a coffeehouse, restaurants, meeting rooms, a banquet hall, tennis courts and various service facilities; all buildings within this complex had been built on an undulating site and linked by landscaped covered walk paths for accessibility within a reasonable walking distance from one block to another.

In 2005 the UiTM Vice-Chancellor initiated efforts to upgrade and improve the conditions of the accommodation blocks, which by then had become dilapidated, and to create a theme and image that is more suitable for a resort, rather than the existing outlook of a low rise condominium. Jafri Merican Architect was appointed to explore suitable concepts and to prepare tender drawings for design and build contracts. A number of optional concepts were explored and finally, UiTM agreed on a Mediterranean theme for the resort. In mid 2007, the client gave the go ahead for tender exercise for Block 10.

Jafri Merican Architect was novated for appointment under the design and build contractor to work with their consultant team and produce working drawings for construction. Construction works were completed in early 2008 but practical completion was delayed until mid 2008 due to interior design changes. The completed Block 10 was made operational for the January 2009 intake of foreign students.

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