Thursday, March 17, 2011

CV: Putrajaya Parcel F (Final Scheme)

In April 2007, 10 Malaysian architectural firms participated in a design competition for Parcel F, Putrajaya, of which 3 architectural firms obtained the commission; Pakatan Reka Architects Sdn Bhd (PRA) whose scheme was chosen as the development theme, S&O Architects Sdn Bhd and Jafri Merican Architect (appointed for sub parcels F8, F9 and F10).

PRA’s architectural scheme for the development featured a modern theme, with building enclosures of green coloured glass and passive solar shading devices. The layout plan. designed based on the concept of sustainable development, had the buildings clustered around small ’pocket parks’ and landscaped avenues to minimize heat accumulation at the ground surface areas. Orientation of each building’s wider elevation was set on a north-south axis, a strategy to reduce direct solar heat gain.

Parcel F8 is designated a common facility building housing a cafeteria, visitor’s centre, multi purpose hall, offices and surau. Parcels F9 and F10 are office buildings which will be implemented in the second phase of the development. The concept adopted for the common facilities building, as F8 is now referred to, is that of a ‘functional box’, a no frills approach in which the functional placement of its internal spaces and solar shading requirements shape the outlook of its exterior form. It is a functionalist approach which will imbue the scheme with a timeless appeal.

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