Thursday, March 17, 2011

CV: Key Personnel


Born in 1966, Jafri Merican graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Architecture from ITM (now UiTM), and is registered with the Board of Architects, Malaysia since 1995. He is a corporate member of PAM (The Malaysian Institute Architects) and has an MBA from the University of Hull.

He has worked for notable firms such as TR Hamzah and Yeang Sdn Bhd, Pakatan Akitek Sdn and AK2 Runding Sdn on projects ranging from individual houses, residential housing, commercial development to high-rise office buildings before establishing his own practice in 1996. During his employment in the early ‘90s, Jafri was exposed to new developments in computer aided design and gained considerable skill in this field.

Jafri Merican is an avid student of modern and contemporary architectural design and follows closely the latest developments in world architecture. He is personally involved in the schematic design, detailed design and on-site management of every project at the office, giving consistency and personal attention to each drawing and document produced by the firm.

He believes in working closely with his architects and employees in order to personally develop their design and management skills, the result of which is the reliability of service provided by the firm in managing projects from initial design to completion.


Born in 1971, Mohd Rizal Zakaria graduated from the ITM University (UiTM) with a Bachelor in Architecture (Hons) in 2000. He has worked for several established firms including a stint as an apprentice at Pakatan Akitek Sdn where he met Jafri Merican in 1991. The two of them became good friends and kept in touch till eventually Rizal joined Jafri’s practice in 1997, then continued his studies in UITM, and rejoined the firm in 2000.

Mohd Rizal is a talented designer and had contributed many important ideas, the impact of which is especially vital in developing, among others, the design of the Putrajaya 4G9 tower. He has designed many of the firm’s projects often communicating his ideas using various 3 dimensional visualization software at which he is very well versed. He is also highly experienced in the preparation of tender and contract drawings and had managed numerous projects from inception to completion.


Born in 1965, Saiful Bahri Sulaiman graduated from ITM with an Advanced Diploma in Architecture, and the University of Technology, Malaysia. Upon graduating, he worked for SAA Architects, before setting up his own design firm Konsep Lakaran in 1995. Saiful Bahri joined Jafri Merican, his classmate in ITM, as an Associate of the firm in 2004 serving in the capacity of a Senior Project Architect.

As an entrepreneur himself, Saiful Bahri’s contribution to the firm extends beyond project management. Together with Jafri Merican, Saiful develops business strategies and market positioning for the firm, secures projects and brings revenue to the practice. In addition, Saiful himself is a gifted designer with an eye for details and a feel for building materials. Notable projects which he has managed and designed for the firm, are the reconstruction of Sultan Sulaiman Club and the renovation of ITM Resort Shah Alam.


Born in 1960, Ahmad Hasnan Wahidi graduated from the Polytechnic of North London and the University of Technology, Malaysia. Upon graduating, he worked as an architect for the Public Works Department of Malaysia (JKR), GDP Architects, and AK2 Runding Sdn where he met Jafri Merican in 1994. Ahmad Hasnan left AK2 to pursue his own ventures and eventually joined Jafri Merican Architect in 2008, as a Senior Project Architect.

Ahmad Hasnan had been involved, prior to joining the firm, in projects ranging from hospital, medical care facilities, residential housing and office buildings, most of them from inception to completion. His experience, design flair, management skills, and talent for translating drawings to built forms have proven beneficial in implementing, among others, the design and build contract for Parcel 5G2, Putrajaya.


Abdul Razak Salaman, Abdullah Shahdan, Ahmad Hasnan Wahidi Ibrahim, Akram Omar, Aslini Abas, Asma' Zulkifli, Azi Izwani Nor Hamzah, Azlisham Kassim, Azliza Hj Mat Abu, Azrin Abu Seman, Badariah Badaruddin, Dahlia Alang Sulaiman, Elmi Samanhudi, Fadillah Zain Hasirun, Faizah Zakaria, Farhana Nadia Ibrahim, Fazizul Amar Zainuddin, Hartini Ibrahim, Hasanul Adili Md Zulkapeli, Hazry Hassan, Hilmi Abd Ghani, Ismar MS Usman, Ili Shaqirah, Jafri Merican, Jasman Hashim, Jefni Elisputra Abdul Rahman, Kangaiyamma Arumugam, Ku Shahrom, Mas Johan Sugimin, Mazlan Daud, Mohamad Amin Maksum, Mohamad Yusuf Alias, Mohammad Shahar Mazali, Mohd Aidil Mohd Isa, Mohd Akmali, Mohd Azhar Stat (Allahyarham), Mohd Fadzly Siamir, Mohd Fairuz Salam, Mohd Faizal Wahab, Mohd Fauzey Salleh, Mohd Ghazali Kadir, Mohd Hadzri Mohamad Hilmi, Mohd Idris bin Tamhid, Mohd Jamal Ramli, Mohd Rizal Zakaria, Mohd Roslee Ahmad, Mohd Salmi Ghazali, Mohd Shamsuri Yaakob, Mohd Sofi Saad, Mohd Yasir Habir, Mohd Yusari Abd Rahman, Mohd Zambri Hassim, Mohd. Zabidi Husin, Mohd Shairy Deraman, Muhammad Bukhari Othman, Muhammad Hairit Bakar, Muhammad Mustaqim Mohd Hashim, Muhammad Muzammil Ashanushi, Muhammad Radzi Abd Hamid, Muhd Faizal Abd Wahab, Muhd Hafiz Muhd Jubri, Murnirah Izzah Misran, Murnirah Muhammad, Nabilah Abd Latif, Noor Diana Shamsuddin, Noor Rizahana Yusof, Noorusnida Bahauddin, Nor Eliyana Abd Aziz, Nor Hilmi Muhammad, Norazmi Razali, Nordin Omar, Norhashimah Hassan, Nur Ayunni Adnan, Nur Salihah Shahiran, Nurul Aqmar Hassan, Nuur Asiah Abdul Kadir, Qamarina Abd Aziz, Rahayu Osman, Ridhwan Saidi, Rizal Sofian, Rosli Mohamad, Sadisah Tayub, Saiful Bahri Sulaiman, Sarini Ahmad Dzarawi, Sehbirin Muhsin, Shaiful Nizam Abdullah, Shamsul Ariffin Mohd Sharip, Shamsul Azri Anuar, Sharlia Akma Mohd Ali Khan, Siti Awanis Selamat, Siti Faridah Md Lias, Sohaimi Abd Ghani, Sriayuna Hilmi, Syafiq Aizat Roslan, Syed Putera Syed Abd Samad, Wan Anuar Wan Hamat, Wan Khairulsuzanna Wan Hamat, Wan Nazri Wan Ariffin, Yahya Azimuddin, Zabedah Lias, Zalazilah Zulkifli, Zaliah Sardan, Zamri Hassim.

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