Friday, June 25, 2010

Travels: Visit to Hunter Douglas factory, Shanghai 3rd June 2010

During the second day of my trip to Shanghai, my wife Lily and I accompanied Zainudin Ab Razak, Shafeek Taff and Syed Alwi Alhabshi to visit the Hunter Douglas Factory in Shanghai. Hunter Douglas built the facade of the China Pavilion. The company has a wide range of new products and accessories for facade designs which impressed me, especially when I spotted a set of adjustable louvres similar to the one used on 4G2 Wisma Tani project. At the time, there were no standard accessories and we had to design the louvre profile ourselves at JMA. At Hunter Douglas here, the louvres come complete with motor operated movement, and can be fitted with light sensors.

Inside the briefing room, we noted a plaque upon which is engraved the business principles of the founder of Hunter Douglas, Henry H Sonnenberg. This, as I realized at the moment, was the best summary of business principles I've ever come across. Some of these I've already practised through experience while some others are truly enlightening.

Business is people.
Confidence and respect
are the basis of any relationship.
Think in principles. Focus on the essentials
but know your business in every detail.
Don't go with the crowd.
Offer something different and if possible, unique.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes, nor to admit them.
Only he who does nothing makes none.
Trying is better than analysing;
If you can limit the risk.
Listen to advice.
But have the courage of your own convictions.
Distinguish between deals and relationships.
A deal is a single event, whereas
a relationship requires mutual trust and
a sound ongoing basis.
Timing is critical.
There is a time to move expeditiously and
there are times when one should do nothing.
Common Sense and Instincts
are far more important than intelligence and
what one has learned.
Know your own limitations.
Beware of people who don't know
what they don't know.
The only certainty is change.
The ability to survive and flourish
depends on flexibility and the willingness
to constantly adapt to a changing world.

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