Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4G9 Tower: Facade lighting mock up

On the night of 15th June 2010, our facade lighting consultant, Lightwave, organised a mock up presentation at the 4G8 and 4G9 construction site attended by representatives from PJH, our office, myself included, and Juhari Hashim Chartered Architects, for 4G8. En. Nagieb Azhar, the Director of Lightwave, presented the scheme and discussions thereafter led to suggestions being given by the attendees for improvements to be made in order to enhance the LED lighting effects on the fibonacci facade. At the end of his presentation, En Nagieb displayed the full potential of the LED equipment specified for this contract: The building facade can change colours every second with colour palates that could be customised by the end user. The effects of the lighting are fantastic, this after seeing only the mock up. The end product should hopefully be a sight to behold.

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