Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lot 5G2, Putrajaya

Progress of Lot 5G2 Putrajaya as at 8th July 2010

Government offices on Lot 5G2 (abbreviation for Precinct 5, Government Building, Parcel 2) located adjacent to the Pullman Hotel, Putrajaya, consists of 2 office blocks designed by SeniBahri Arkitek for Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd to fulfill their contract with the end users; The Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia; and The Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

In December 2007, Jafri Merican Architect was appointed by Bina Goodyear Berhad (BGB) as the design and build architect to interpret design intentions of SeniBahri Arkitek and develop design drawings contained in the contract documents into construction drawings, in collaboration with engineering, interior design and landscape consultants appointed by BGB.

The architectural concept is based on a symbolic theme of traditional Malay culture, its heritage and artifacts. Symbolic elements such as ‘Tombak’, ‘Pendeng’, ‘Nenaga’ and ‘Pintu Pong’ among others were developed into buildable details and the intricate design of the building enclosure refined in collaboration with a fa├žade engineering consultant. Drawings were prepared and submitted for approval to Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd project management team and their consultants in 3 stages; concept submission, design development submission and construction drawings submission. Upon obtaining the necessary approvals, these drawings are issued to BGB site personnel for construction implementation.


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