Friday, January 21, 2011

Travels: Red Mountain Golf Club, Phuket

During my trip to Phuket from 13th to 18th January 2011, I played golf at Red Mountain Golf Club. Upon arrival I was immediately impressed by the ambience of the clubhouse. Golf clubhouses in Malaysia tend to be overdesigned, but the way the designers have done it here is very tasteful and simple. The building is supported by cylindrical pillars, unpainted in cement finish, connected to I beams upon which rest the roof structure. Verandahs at the perimeter connect various spaces within and these are of timber structure overhangs of the roof supported by appropriately sized timber pillars. Walls are left in concrete grey and only featured areas are painted white. Projections such as the entry porch and external stairs are covered by pergola structures with polycarbonate covers, whereas low walls at peripheral areas are of natural stone finish. It is to me, a very subtle and well thought of design which sits well with my own ideas of design and personal philosophy.

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