Monday, December 6, 2010

Travels: Melaka; Peringgit Mosque

While on a trip to Melaka, I came across an old mosque that was restored by the Muzeum and Antiquities Department in 2002. Peringgit is a hill that that got its name from the word 'Peringgi' used by the locals referring to the Portuguese. The first mosque built upon this site was constructed in 1726AD but was later destroyed and the present mosque built in its place in 1868AD.
It is essentially a traditional Malacca mosque, square in shape , its foundation built of laterite blocks and Dutch bricks whereas the floor is of terracotta tiles. The roof structure, doors and windows are of timber construction, its three tiered design characteristic of mosque of the period. The verandah was originally roofed using Chinese tiles while the middle and top tiers of Dutch tiles or better known today as the 'Marseille' tiles, but in the restoration the latter tiles were used throughout. The roof summit is made of specially carved corral reefs.

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